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Our Mission Statement

Khabar believes in self-sustaining communities who take leadership to challenge social injustices, and actively raise their voices against biases and discrimination both within and beyond the South Asian community. Change starts with knowledge and that is the goal of our organization: to shed light on the health, emotional and mental well-being, and civil rights of South Asians. We will work to keep OSU students informed about these topics and their implications both in South Asia as well as to immigrants here in the US and around the world. Through Khabar, we aim to address the various challenges South Asian American students on campus face on a daily basis and motivate them to continue working towards their goals by shining light on some South Asian community members that are successful small business owners, student organizations, and accomplished members in a variety of different fields of work. We believe that through this initiative we can contribute to a sense of community amongst the greater South Asian population at OSU regardless of religion, nationality, or gender.

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